"Networking platform
with a strong focus on television professionals"

Our network

Our extensive global network enables us to stay on the pulse of both regional and global dynamics, while bringing together the right talent to deliver timely and effective solutions to our clients' unique needs. Because of this distinctive structure, we are not overhead driven. That means that our clients' costs are minimized, while the impact on their business is maximized.

We offer the following services in the cities above:

• Hire of dedicated task force camera ENG crews, who can meet locally or able to travel all over the world.
• Provide dedicated camera ENG crews locally in more than 30 destinations worldwide.
• Hire of TV – Video Producers who are able to travel all over the world.
• Hire of Video recording equipment, in selected key territories.
• Provide Editing equipment.
• Provide onboard cameras.
• Provide SNG transmission units, in selected key territories.